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I lived in a land of perpetual summer where relentless hot daylight and suffocating demands of the day formed an inescapable and unbearably mundane cage. Nighttime was the refuge that allowed me dream undisturbed. This realization soon led to my obsession with the night and stars. I become fascinated with the artistic notions of time, space, light and gravity, representations of which I have pursued in this series entitled Lights Out.

Lights Out is about using abstract visual cues to signify things like dust, matter, and atoms, or stars, planets, and galaxies in cosmic landscapes; the paintings explore sensations of being empty and full, feelings of being far yet close, to lead the viewer into disengaging with reality for a moment. The spots on the canvases are sometimes random but, more often than not, purposeful; they create a sense of movement and depth in some regions and stillness in others. Some spots also join up to create words and images that ultimately disappear into the whole; viewers may not be able to identify these unless guided but, like seeing shapes in a cloud or images in an inkblot test, they can derive various words or images (that are not actually present) via the actions of their own unconscious and active perception. And it is this collaborative experience between artist and viewer that fulfills the purpose of these paintings: Imagination, leading to an appreciation of something-not-quite-there, which makes the paintings more than just a canvas of spots. 


Lights Out

The stardust in our eyes

Clouded our vision,

But we saw clearly in our minds,

A meaningful fiction.


This wild suburbia,

This nomadic experience,

Take us away, pumpkin carriage,

Back to big dreams in a small existence.


(a poem for dreamers)