Bed Time Sequence: After The Date

Before the date:

Early thumbnails and sketches:


Rain: Saki waits for Billie



Storm was made using these very minimal boards and notes from my sketchbook:

The animation is made using a collection of charcoal drawings, with VFX drawn frame by frame in Photoshop. This short was initially a narrative, but I chose to make it a mood piece.

Here are some early tests for the short, which included the character:


Baby Can Walk

The father has vitiligo.


Life Drawing

2 - 30 seconds | 2 - 1 minute | 2 - 5 minutes | 2 - 10 minutes

5 - 20 minute plein air sketches of statues in Florence, Italy.


1 - 3 minute drawings of animals at the ROM, Toronto, CA.

Misc: Sketchbook, 3D animation, Character Designs, Paintings

Digital Art

Paintings: mix of oil and acrylics